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Previous township names: “Sovereen’s Corner” (Sovereign’s Corner) and “Fredericksburg”. Both originate from Frederick Sovereen, an early settler in the area, in the early 1800s.

Delhi’s claim to fame is the tobacco industry. In the last 20 years, farms have been shifting to other crops, due to the sharp drop in demand for tobacco.

Norfolk County now bills itself as “Ontario’s Garden”, to highlight its new wholesome, fertile agri-business focus

Proposed Names …


Quilt Condos
– In its early years and tobacco heyday, Delhi attracted a large number of European
– This is reflected in several community organizations and gathering halls, a remarkably
rich diversity for a small town:

– Unique
– Would inspire a colourful, distinctive logo
– Inviting and warm
– Well suited for the local empty nester target demographic

Kiln Kraft
– Honours a once-common structure in Delhi’s landscape, the tobacco kiln.
– “Kraft” adds an alliterative component to the name, while inferring craftsmanship.
– “Kiln Craft” is term used in pottery/dishware making, suggesting a feeling of comfort
and home.

– Short and memorable
– Youthful name without direct tobacco reference
– Yet subtle and respectful homage to the town’s tobacco roots

The Earl OR Frederick’s Place
– These two options honour Earl Frederick Crabb, a WWI fighter ace who was from
– The “Frederick’s Place” option has the additional reference to Delhi pioneer
Frederick Sovereen and the original Fredericksburg place name.

– Traditional and won’t stir the pot (given that your midrise is the first of its kind in the
small town)
– Would inspire a distinctive logo using sky and aerial concepts (while purposely
avoiding any martial elements).

The Dell
– A dell is “a small valley, usually among trees”
– Synonymous with the first syllable in “Delhi”
– Fitting given the surrounding region: some will associate it subconsciously with
agriculture: “the farmer in the dell.”

– Supports branding that emphasizes nature, environment, and outdoors.
– Attractive to big-city homebuyers who are eager to escape the hustle and bustle by
relocating to a rural area.
– Resonates with different demographics:
o Older demographics – farming
o Younger demographics – nature + contraction of “Delhi” is youthful

– A fire or blaze of light used especially to attract attention.
– Very subtle/indirect reference to tobacco (lighting up a cigarette/cigar/pipe).
– A homophone with “flair”: stylishness or originality as well as special or instinctive
– Evokes style and vibrance
– A single-word name is trendy in big city developments
– Speaks to a younger demongraphic