Dominion Lofts

  • Waterford, Ontario

Some History…  The building was originally known as the Dominion Telephone Company located on the corner of St. James and Alice Streets in Waterford, Ontario was originally a factory built in 1909, which consisted of approx. 100,000 square feet and employed 75 people. Sadly, the Village of Waterford foreclosed on the business in 1912.

The building was emptied of its contents and in 1916 the government used it for an armory.  A year or so later Penman’s bought the building which today we are proud to present as a new modernized home to The Dominion Lofts.


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Dominion Lofts features modern open space ‘styled’ apartments ranging in size from 500 sq. feet to upwards of 1,000 sq. feet complimented by two commercial spaces.  This beautifully designed building offers a spacious front entrance with secure building access and 2nd level elevator access.



By utilizing a Vendor Take Back (VTB) and Private Mortgage…

We redesigned the interior and refaced the exterior of this building.  The existing structure would remain in place with a vision to re-engineer the interior layout establishing a new home for both commercial and residential tenancy, leaving only the original structural supporting elements in place as was deemed acceptable by engineers.

Upon completion the building was refinanced with a conventional mortgage…