Executive Brief


Sentry Property Group is a real estate company whose principal focus is on acquisitions, construction and development to enhance residential and commercial properties.

The founders of Sentry Property Group, Inc. have in excess of 20 years of combined real estate and development experience. Their vision is to create exceptional projects through development, renovations and improvements, premised on revitalizing buildings that have the potential to offer businesses and community a new place to call home.

The following information is intended to provide some background about Sentry Property Group Inc., along with a showcase of recent projects.

Who We Are

While the experience and background of our team encompasses a broad spectrum from business development to engineering, our core focus is premised on development projects that enhance community and modernize aged properties across Southwest Ontario.

The managing partners of Sentry Property Group are Darrin Knill and Anthony Spraggett.

Darrin currently resides in Wilsonville, Ontario and is a Professional Engineer with experience in a wide range of building and construction projects covering everything from single family to mixed unit construction and development. He completed university in Hamilton, and graduated with a master’s degree in structural engineering from McMaster University.

Anthony resides in Paris, Ontario and has over twenty years of experience as a Technical Sales, Consulting & Client Management, covering both Management and Finance. His background comprises a clientele that has included some of Canada’s largest corporations, along with prior certification as a Mortgage Professional.

Our Vision:  To create exceptional projects through development, renovations and improvements. Our core focus is premised on renovating buildings that have the potential to offer businesses and communities a new place to call home. We believe reputation and results are critical to achieving our vision;

Our Values:  Can be summarized as; Honesty – Integrity – Transparency

Our Mission:  To provide superior customer service by creating winning results for us and our partners, and by leveraging our knowledge and passions for success, along with that of our team, with informed, ethical and professional service, creating a win-win solution for all.

Business Model

Sentry Property Group’s business model incorporates the following key activities:

* Acquiring properties that require renovations and improvement.
* Continued development building strong relationships with industry experts to maximize efficiencies.
* Employing rigid property and client management activities thus ensuring properties are pro actively maintained and our partners have anytime access to updates.
* Identifying and meticulously screening potential tenants, employing stringent criteria to qualify for tenancy.

Our business model is founded on these pillars:

Team – the professionals upon whom we rely from acquisition through to development and renovations.
Partners – Individuals and companies whom we partner with to achieve safe, secure predictable returns.
Strategy – the repetitive proprietary processes and consistent accountability steps that will create a win for all participants.
Clients – Quality ‘tenants’ who occupy our properties.
The processes employed throughout our business are not significantly different from those employed by other real estate companies in the renovation and development field; we differentiate ourselves through due diligence, accountability and vision.

Key Success Factors

Sentry Property Group’s key success factors in meeting its partners’, clients’, and it’s own objectives are:

* Working with a professional team of real estate & mortgage brokers, lenders, insurance brokers, as well as financial and legal advisers.
* Diligent client scrutiny and screening to ensure profitable property occupancy.
* Buying right – the target is for each property to meet a specific set of criteria that enable us to target safe, secure and predictable returns.
* Controlling all costs, but most particularly renovation and development costs; in addition to mortgage rates, legal, insurance, maintenance and property/client management fees.
* Providing continuous client management.

Our Team

We have spent several years developing exceptionally strong relationships, including:

Architects & Engineers
Accountant dedicated to serving real estate investors: Susan Rice (http://slricecpa.ca/), accountant that is dedicated to serving real estate investors:
Real Estate lawyers and notaries including Wynne, Pringle, Jeske & Kovacs (http://www.anclaw.com) and Waterous Holden (http://www.waterhousholden.com).
Property Management – In house team, providing a service proven to be reliable, professional, and always accessible.
Construction & Carpentry – In house team, which enables us to manage multiple projects simultaneously while keeping costs low and creating greater efficiencies with respect to timelines and renovation costs.
Trades – Strong relationships with experienced providers such as; roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, and siding specialists.
We are dedicated to the success of each project and continue to develop strong relationships with industry experts to maximize efficiencies. By having these established relationships we can offer further assurance that our projects are conducted on time with a high regard for industry standards, and respect for the community.

Management Strategy

Sentry Property Group Inc. in house team manages their properties. This includes tenant placement, collecting payments via EFT, paperwork and handling any major issues. We also use a property management based software program called Buildium to ensure accessibility and accountability to tenants for repairs and maintenance.

Repairs & Renovations Strategy

We employ in-house construction crews consisting of senior site managers and on site teams, as well as property maintenance crews. We have a great rapport with trades’ professionals, whom we have built trusted relationships with over the years through a multitude of projects.
At any given time we may be managing crews at several projects, ranging from smaller single family conversion, to larger mixed use and commercial developments.


Sentry Property Group has been performing successfully for several years with a portfolio of assets worth in excess of several millions and growing..
We have included a brief summary (note: See attached Schedule A) of some recent projects, these do not include in depth financials however we have provide a link to financial overviews and would be pleased to share more information as it relates to interest in upcoming projects.

Final Thoughts

Our objective with each project is to create a refreshing new and vibrant appeal to the surrounding community through property improvements. Every project we have taken on to date has achieved that goal and we pride ourselves on the opportunity to play a part in the positive development of the community.


Sentry Property Group Inc.