Our core focus is premised on revitalizing buildings that have the potential to offer businesses and community a new place to call home.

We strive to create exceptional projects through development, renovations and improvements

We modernize aged properties across the Southwest Ontario


Building on our core values, we strive to develop creative approaches to buying and holding
rental properties to achieve long term sustainable growth.


Revitalize and Modernize properties to provide clean, safe and quality living spaces that enhance business and community.


Simply stated, the values we apply to all of our entrepreneurial efforts:

“Honesty – Integrity – Transparency”
We strive to ensure success for our clients and partners.


Our Vision is to create exceptional projects through revitalization; offering businesses and community a new place to call home.



Managing Partner


Managing Partner


Finance Stratagist


Sr Project Manager


Property Management


Managing Partner

Anthony calls Paris, Ontario his home. His experience covers a diverse range of skill-sets from Business consulting to Technology, Communications, to Finance. He offers a unique and diverse range of skills aligned with years of real estate experience established through Rich Dad amongst many other mentorship styled programs.

He has an extensive background with Management, Technology, Sales, Consulting and Customer Service having spent much of his career managing teams and clients across North America while integrating leading edge technology. His forte tends to align with helping people understand the benefits of Real Estate and creating partnerships’ that empower people to overcome the fear of income properties.


Managing Partner

Darrin grew up on his family farm, and takes pride in his country roots. He is no stranger to hard work as he worked along side his family on a daily basis growing up. Through his younger years he was tightly ingrained in various athletic groups, mainly focused in Hockey, which he still plays when he gets a moment today. He went to university in Hamilton, and graduated with a master’s degree in structural engineering from McMaster University.

Darrin started out by purchasing his first house and converting it to a duplex, that was the moment he got hooked on Real Estate. Over the next 5 years he would continue to grow his portfolio, and connect with like minded individuals. He calls Norfolk County his home, where he lives with his wife and daughter on their growing hobby farm. Darrin has extensive knowledge in modern construction practices as well a background in structural engineering. Darrin’s upbringing fostered a bone deep drive, and although he doesn’t work on the site as often, he can often be found swinging a hammer along side our guys. Darrin believes in leading from the front, and pushing yourself to exceed your expectations. Providing simple and effective solutions to our clients problems is something Darrin takes a great deal of pride in.


Finance Stratagist

Audie has recently moved back to his home town of Cambridge, Ontario, after living in Mississauga for 27 years. His career started in Finance and moved to Marketing and then Sales Operations. He has an extensive background with numbers, from working in financial reporting to building and automating sales reporting in two telecommunications companies. Audie gained professional experience at problem-solving and has taken that experience and is applying it to his Mortgage business and real estate investing endeavours.

Audie has 5+ years of investor training through programs such as Rich Dad and Stefan Aarnio coaching. He likes to create strategies for real estate investors and help find the funding they need to realize their goals and dreams. Audie enjoys educating people on the various ways of investing in real estate, whether they want to be passive or active investors. He is a Mortgage Agent with the Windrose Group, a Mortgage Alliance team – Lic. #10530


Sr Project Manager

More information coming soon

Property Management

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Our Experience and Background


Starting this journey with the leap in to single family ‘income’ properties.


The education phase started with Rich Dad & various other courses geared to Real Estate Entrepreneurs. Learning about creative financing and various strategies available


Strategic shift towards Rent to Own, accumulating a portfolio of approx. 25 properties and discovering both successes and challenges.


Transition to renovation projects and multi-unit conversions. Several commercial units added to portfolio.


Another strategy added focussing on student rentals and renovations


More education and development through Keyspire.


Sentry Property Group is established. By the end of that year the corporation has accumulate a portfolio of an additional 48 doors.


Sentry establishes its Property Management division and launches its in house renovation and management teams


Addition of several large mixed use buildings and commercial units to the portfolio.


Building on our core values, we strive to develop creative approaches to buying and holding
rental properties to achieve long term sustainable growth.

Main 156

Development Project If you would like to learn more about the project please send us an email at info@sentrypropertygroup.ca

Norfolk St N 600

The General Partners acquired this property for $670,000 plus closing costs. This land was acquired after months of networking with the community and counsellors. This is a .56 acre development project located at 600 Norfolk St N in Simcoe, ON. will be transformed into a beautiful 18-unit residential townhome complex. Once the construction phase is complete, the hold period will be reviewed. If you would like to learn more about the project please send us an email at info@sentrypropertygroup.ca

King 78

Land Development If you would like to learn more about the project please send us an email at info@sentrypropertygroup.ca

King 116

Located at the corner of King and Main Street in Delhi , Ontario is the home to our upcoming project.  This building once known as the local bank will be transformed to a mixed use building consisting of both commercial space and spacious residential units with a unique style and appeal not yet seen in this quaint town. This building will offer 2,300+ square feet of commercial space and 6 residential units with a mix of two and three bedroom…

King 124

More Info Coming Soon If you would like to learn more about the project please send us an email at info@sentrypropertygroup.ca

Projects and Designs

Sentry Property Group and its team pride themselves on quality finishes and designs.  Each project takes on different challenges yet we strive to keep some of the natural charm and elegance offered by some of these historic buildings. We often face 'unrealized' challenge of working with Heritage status buildings and continue forward with a desire to accept each project and set a precedent for future projects. Our core focus is premised on revitalizing buildings that have the potential to offer…

Dominion Lofts

Some History...  The building was originally known as the Dominion Telephone Company located on the corner of St. James and Alice Streets in Waterford, Ontario was originally a factory built in 1909, which consisted of approx. 100,000 square feet and employed 75 people. Sadly, the Village of Waterford foreclosed on the business in 1912. The building was emptied of its contents and in 1916 the government used it for an armory.  A year or so later Penman’s bought the building…

Brant 174

Located near the HOLMEDALE section of Brantford, ON this building dates back 100+ years and offered a great canvas to modernize and refresh its unique presence in the area.  Offering close to 4,500 sq feet Sentry decided to recapture it existing style of mixed use by refreshing the interior spaces and bring a much cleaner open concept appeal. The opportunity to bring a fresh new approach to it's heritage status and charm, enable us to provide a new home to…


Here is one of our single family home renovation projects.  We redesigned the interior spaces to creata an open concept environment enabling the new homeowners to enjoy luxury and comfort throughout the home.

Simcoe 11

Located in the heart of Norfolk County is the home to this mixed-use property offering two separate buildings.  Comprised of a 4-unit residential building, along with a separate 8-residential and 4-unit commercial spaces within a separate building. The County of Norfolk is called home to over 14,000 people, and provides a fantastic and opportunity for growth within the town of Simcoe, ON.  These buildings although more mature in years provide Sentry Property Group with the opportunity to modernize residential lifestyle…


"Sentry REI has repeatedly done great with our investments! As opposed to our dropping market with our standard investments. Thank…

Steve F

“Anthony and Darrin are incredibly knowledgeable about real estate investment projects of all scopes. Their win-win approach to securing property…

Dean G

“Anthony really knows his stuff. His system and process that he has designed work amazing. Saved me so much time…

Jeff R

“Spent a short time chatting with Anthony. Was a pleasure. Knowledgeable, educated and truly cares. Understands economic climate and how…

Tim A

“Mastering the skills of real estate investment is not often easy as it sounds. Personally, though I already learned about…

Shyam R